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When searching for a partner for your BPO needs, you may find that they all begin to look the same. However, they are not all the same. Working with a company that focuses exclusively on providing BPO to billing companies and management Services Organizations (MSO) will make both your employees and clients smile.

iSys offers flexible pricing models starting at only $500 per FTE per month. We also offer performance based pricing and joint ventures. Are you ready to see the difference?

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ISYS - Changing the Way You Think About Offshore Outsourcing


ISYS - Changing the Way You Think About Offshore Outsourcing

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ISYS is a quality leader in back office outsourcing, most often referred to as business process outsourcing (BPO) for the healthcare industry. We are industry experts who focus exclusively on providing BPO to healthcare management companies and Management Service Organizations (MSO). When you outsource your business processes to ISYS, your MSO can focus on what it does best - providing practice management and administrative services.

Is Offshoring Right for You?

There has never been a better time than now to go offshore. The U.S. healthcare industry is constantly changing the rules and lowering reimbursements nationwide. Because of this, you are looking for ways to reduce your costs and off shoring is a way to achieve those savings.

Forget about what you used to think of offshoring - this is a new generation dedicated to customer service excellence and unsurpassed quality assurance standards!

You have high expectations from your offshore healthcare business outsourcing vendor. At ISYS, our mission is not to meet them, but exceed them! Delivering what is expected is not enough? At ISYS, we believe our customers deserve more than 100%, so we give you 110%. We have a proven track record.

ISYS currently handles the accounts receivables and medical billing operations for Medical Billing companies, MSO and Anesthesia management companies.



Why Offshoring

Why Offshoring with ISYS Makes Dollars and Sense: The Simple Truth.
Our message is very simple. It all comes down to three things.


ISYS offers

ISYS offers comprehensive RCM solutions, with a wide range of business process services.
Data entry of patient demographics using the software...

Anesthesia Billing

Anesthesia Billing is Our strongest Specialty: At ISYS, our primary expertise is in anesthesiology billing process. We cater to hundreds...


Why Offshoring with ISYS Makes Dollars and Sense: The Simple Truth

Our message is very simple. It all comes down to three things


1. Volume

At ISYS, we have a large volume of experienced staff available and ready 24x7 to handle your business process needs. Our clients like knowing this because our long time employees have a lot of knowledge and experience. This helps build trust.

2. Cost Reduction

Would you like to reduce your overhead expenses? Of course you would. ISYS has a large number of educated staff who are qualified, trained and certified to handle your business processes efficiently while meeting high quality standards. Since the offshore labor market is at a lower pay rate than the U.S., we can afford to hire a larger staff for less while still being able to pass the cost savings on to you.

A lower-cost labor-pool does not equal inferior quality. It simply means you save money!

You can reduce your overhead, streamline your business processes and get ahead financially when you choose ISYS as your offshore healthcare BPO solution provider.

3. Quick Turnaround Time

Have you fallen behind and now need to get caught up? ISYS can help you get turned around quickly. We operate 24x7. Don't make the same mistake other billing companies make by thinking that offshoring is a short term solution. Constant change increases the risk of mistakes and delays. Long-term solutions yield better results. Many of our clients have tried short-term solutions in the past, only to admit defeat. They are now happy to be settled in a profitable long-term relationship with ISYS.


ISYS offers comprehensive RCM solutions, with a wide range of business process services

  • Data entry of patient demographics using the software of your choice
  • Data entry of patient charges
  • Patient insurance eligibility verification
  • Charge review and approval
  • Claims submission to clearinghouse or medical payers
  • Reduce days in accounts receivables by consistent follow up with insurance companies
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable reporting and analysis
  • Research of old debts to ensure collection from insurance companies

RCM solutions

Anesthesia Billing is Our strongest Specialty

At ISYS, our primary expertise is in anesthesiology billing process. We cater to hundreds of anesthesiologists and management companies in the U.S. We provide complete offshore outsource solutions for anesthesiologists. We understand how to appeal non-participating care contracts. We also understand how to handle the appeal the non-paid cases, as well as how to constantly follow up the denials.

Our anesthesia collection rate is close to 98%

We have expertise in all major specialties including

  • Orthopedics
  • Urology
  • Pain relief management
  • General physicians
  • Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Endocrinology
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Podiatry
  • Internal Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Radiology
  • Pulmonologist

Software we have worked on

  • Advanced MD
  • GE Centricity
  • Avid Anesthesiology
  • Med Evolve
  • Clinical Works
  • Medinformatix
  • Allegiance MD
  • Greenway Medical
  • Medical Manager
  • MISYS Tiger
  • Helpers
  • Kareo
  • Office Ally
  • MSI
Employees Don't Work for ISYS - They Work for YOU!

Hr Policies

ISYS CEO, Kunal Jain states, "We are not building a company, we are building a culture. We are building trust amongst employees and our clients. Employees don't work for ISYS. They work for customer service and client relationships. ISYS is just a medium."

When people feel empowered to make a difference in exceeding their clients' expectations, they automatically feel motivated. That positive energy creates better team spirit. It improves the quality and efficiency of their work, and it encourages longevity in employment. All of this helps to foster the culture at ISYS that centers on excellence in customer service and building client relationships.

Working at ISYS: Beyond the Front Doors

ISYS opened its door 5 years ago in Jaipur, India near Delhi. In a short time, we have become a leading provider of offshore healthcare BPO services, including medical coding, billing, accounts receivable management, claims processing, and healthcare revenue management. We have a strong brand name and are renowned for excellence in Revenue Cycle Management in the U.S. among doctors and medical groups. We employ 200 employees in a 20,000 square foot state of the art, HIPAA compliant facility. We are building a new state of the art building for offshore outsourcing on 2.5 acres of land for 400 employees that will be capable of expansion up to 1,000 people. The future is bright with ISYS.

Human Resources: How to Apply

On a typical day, job seekers come to the ISYS Human Resources Office to fill out an application for employment. Candidates hand in their resume and completed application. Human resources representatives review their information and if the candidate is a good match, they are presented with a series of skills, knowledge, and aptitude tests.

A candidate applying for a data entry position would take a typing test. Someone applying for a medical coder position would be tested on their knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology. An accounts receivable representative would be tested on their aptitude and communication skills. All candidates that pass these initial tests move on to the next phase of the hiring process, which is the interview.

Human resource representatives and department managers interview potential candidates for open positions within their respective departments. Those that are hired receive orientation and then begin job training that corresponds to their new job position.

Most employees that come to work for ISYS stay with the company for a long time. Many have been here for five years.

An Ideal ISYS Candidate

There are certain personality traits and characteristics we look for when hiring employees to come work for ISYS:

  • Self-motivated
  • Analytical skills
  • Keep up with change (healthcare processes constantly change)
  • Biology or medical terminology background is a plus
  • Good communication skills

ISYS Provides Employee Training

At ISYS, making the investment to train our employees is one of the smartest business decisions we can make. We know that when our employees are well-trained, they perform their job with greater confidence, accuracy and efficiency. That is the value we offer our clients. The only way we can exceed our clients' expectations is to deliver more than what is expected. We do this by providing greater accuracy, faster turnaround times and superior customer service. We do things right the first time because quality and accuracy matters. We have earned the trust of our current clients and once we do, we keep it.

We provide dedicated training sessions to our employees that are conducted directly by our clients through online tools. We also use traditional classroom training for initial job orientation which teaches the company values of customer satisfaction and customer relationships. Every ISYS employee, from our entry level staff who receives skill development training up to those acquiring AAPC certification, receive training. Training is one of our core values.

Why Employees Love Working at ISYS

  • Able to work outside their comfort zone
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Think outside the box
  • Open culture
  • Respect one another
  • Treated like family
  • We offer stability
  • Team leaders are compensated based on performance

"Employees at ISYS do not have jobs," says Kunal Jain, CEO of ISYS, "they have a commitment to a cause, and that cause is customer service and client relationships."

ISYS employees are empowered to make a difference. They are encouraged to provide feedback and one way they do this is through surveys. Topics range from food served in the canteen to the selection of team leaders. The value of the employee's contribution is rewarded. ISYS has an excellent pool of talent with exceptional experience, the average relevant experience being about five years. The leadership management team is also very strong. This team consists of five managers, seven team leaders and seven quality analysts.

We Treat You Like Family

ISYS has an extremely open culture. We have respect for and care about what people think personally and professionally. We understand and respect family values. We like to see stability in our employees at home and in their work environment. We encourage entrepreneurship within the organization. We also provide a bonus-based compensation structure for employees. This encourages employees to think outside the box. We support and encourage people to think differently. We promote innovation and creativity.

ISYS CEO Kunal Jain says, "Our employees do not work within boundaries, but outside of their comfort zone."

ISYS Encourages Family Pride

It is very important that families have respect for and support the work of ISYS employees. We make sure parents are proud of their daughters and sons for the work they do. ISYS owners occasionally talk to the families about how proud they are of their accomplishments and the good work they are doing at ISYS. We want them to have respect for their work and we validate for them that their children are doing something right.

Safety and Protection of ISYS Employees

The physical safety and protection of ISYS employees is of upmost concern. ISYS is committed to providing complete safety and security to all its employees. We have established specific safeguards and procedures in place to ensure the welfare of each staff member is protected at all times.


ISYS provides company transportation as a security measure for employees who work during night shift hours. Employees are transported securely between the company facility and their home.

Physical Security

A certified security officer checks in all visitors and employees who enter and leave the building. Each person's belongings are checked for unauthorized items, such as data storage devices (USBs, CDs, etc.) and laptops are logged. No technical devices are allowed unless approved by senior management.

Security Cameras

ISYS has security cameras recording each room throughout the facility, as well as the exterior perimeter. The security team views the monitors and can act quickly on any suspicious activity. Our clients have the ability to see where their team is sitting and working via webcam and can interact with them via web conference.


ISYS uses a fingerprint based biometric authentication and password protected lock system for employees to gain entry into their respective work areas.

Personal Lockers

Employees have personal lockers to secure their belongings and cell phones. Only team leaders can have cell phones.

ISYS Protects client from HIPAA violations

Data Security

Our facility's online security is completely protected by firewalls. The data between our clients and ISYS is securely encrypted through VPN and hardwired connections only. We make sure no email and no public access to our internal severs or online repositories are available without any permission or protected access.



Isys supports HBMA and provides best offshore practices guidelines . Please fill the following contact form to find the answers and their relevance in offshore healthcare delivery.

Provide a detailed description of your requirement or challenge you are facing in your current process. More is better!


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